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Nadir Video - Rectilinear Lens
Gear Malfuction - Use Video for Safety
Hoover Dam
Air to Air
New York City
Bonanza A36
Marble Canyon, AZ
Bonanza A36 over Lake Powell
Grand Canyon
Grand Turk and Caribbean
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Angel Flight in the Outback! Hew Mills flies his Cessna 337 with an Eagle360 and sent in this wonderful tribute video to the efforts of Angel Flight in Australia. Hew is an experienced pilot who has been flying for over 40 years, and has a Commercial Pilot’s License, with qualifications in aerobatics and formation flying. A former sheep and cattle station owner, with this video Hew shares the people and places of the Australian Outback. "This is a wide open land, criss crossed with mighty rivers and vast plains, populated with big-hearted people." Hew started Overnight Outback Journeys as a way to share these special places with people who do not have the time to endure long days driving, on often poor roads, to reach remote locations."

This Eagle360 video starts at the Greenland icecap, moves to the edge of the Illulissat Icefjord where chunks of the glacier break off and enter the water. Icebergs start off with the jagged, fissure-ridden side up top, and the bottom grinds against the bottom of the fjord and becomes smooth. Some reach a point where the center of gravity shifts, and they flip, leaving the smooth surface on top, showing where it has been dragged across some rock outcroppings on the bottom of the fjord.This is the world's fastest glacier: it moves 40 meters a day, and kicks out 46 cubic kilometers of icebergs per year. Icebergs can be as tall as 550 feet, and can be hundreds of square miles in size. Remember 90% of the iceberg is underwater...