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June 18, 2015: New Mounting for Eagle360 Ready See Products tab on this website.

Have you been waiting for Eagle360 to FINALLY be available for your composite aircraft? Or wanted one but didn't want to drill and rivet to your aircraft? After great effort Airborne Sensor has been granted a new FAA Supplemental Type Certificate which allows an EASIER, FASTER way to mount the Eagle360 to your aircraft fuselage using a new method which opened up approval for composite aircraft. In addition, going forward it is the method to mount to pressurized fuselages: there is no puncture of the pressure vessel! Finally, we took advantage of the process to greatly expand our Approved Model List, bringing our airframe count up to 82 airframes!

Click here to see the New Expanded Approved Model List

Our NEW STC'd mounting method means:

1) Approved for Cirrus, Cessna Corvalis/TTx, Diamond, Liberty and other composite aircraft

2) No drilling holes, no rivets, no compromise of a pressure vessel so it is ideal for pressurized aircraft

3) Can fit complex hull shapes easily!

4) No access to aircraft interior needed for mounting: reduces installation expense!

5) Low drag, easy installation, strong.

6) Your choice to position cameras facing front/back/left/right (aligned to fuselage), or Northeast/Southeast/Southwest/Northwest (diagonal tofcab fuselage)

March 3, 2015: LD-2 and LD-2A Extended Power Packs Released! See Products tab on this website.

February 10, 2015: GeoRef 1.1.3 Released! See the GeoRef tab on this site. GeoRef 1.1.3 color codes the segement of your flight for which you have video, and allows you to select alternate units for speed.

January, 2015: Airborne Sensor teams with for 3D printed components for Eagle360. We use 3D printed components for the LD-2 and LD-2A Power Packs, for the LD-2A Spyder, and for various internal shims for the Eagle360.

Dec. 2014: GoPro Hero 4 Notes Now that we have had the chance to put the Hero 4 Black and Silver edition cameras through their paces, here are some observations:

1) The Hero 4 cameras are extraordinarily sharp, noticeably better than the earlier cameras (which were excellent to start with). Images are crisp and sharp at infinity.

2) Some of this quality increase comes from storing larger files for the same time period: while the Hero 3/3+ series would run for 6 hours 45 minutes on a 64 gig card, the Hero 4 cameras will run just over 4 hours at the same 1080p30 setting. If you require long duration runtimes, just drop to 720p30 and you get 5 hours 52 minute runtime.

3) The Hero4 Silver edition has a built in LCD screen, which is handy when using the camera outside of the Eagle360. It also has higher resolution video modes that are quite useful with the Eagle360, like 2.7k30: you can crop into this level of video and still get full 1080 resolution on the screen. The silver edition does have a 4k15 mode (4096 pixels across and 15 frames per second) but that frame rate is likely too low to be useful for airborne video. For aerial work the old standby remains 1080p30, with the option of a smoother looking 1080p60 and the Silver edition does both. The Silver edition is $100 less than the Black Edition, and is a great choice if your needs are not super high resolution. 

4) The Hero4 Black Edition (which recently had a free firmware upgrade) can shoot at 4k30, or 2.7k60, both of which are excellent super high aerial resolution modes. The Black Edition does not have the built in LCD screen, but due to a faster processer is very responsive. This is the camera to pick if you want ultra high resolution, or the ability to crop well into a frame and still have 1080p quality.

5) There are quite a few other improvements in the Hero4 series cameras, other shooting modes (including a super fast 720p240 mode which some people who have to capture fast events at altitude use). One minor difficulty is it is actually hard to identify the Hero Silver from the Hero 4 Black from the front: you have to look at the back to see which one has the LCD screen to be sure!

May 27, 2014: GeoRef Software goes to Production! GeoRef software, that combines a GPS track with corresponding video and is a terrific way to present all the video from a flight, went to production today. First shipments to our pre-orders will go out immediately!

May 6, 2014: Patent Granted! In recognition of multiple innovations, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent 8,714,841 B2 to Airborne Sensor LLC.

April 2, 2014: AvWeb covers Eagle360 at Sun n Fun! See the Larry Anglisano story, and click here for the great video.

Also see the Aero-News Network interview by Jim Campbell here

April 1-6, 2014: Sun n Fun Booth D-12! Come visit us at the show, check out the amazing new GEOREF software, see infrared sensors, and awesome user submitted video clips! Plus check out CEO Dave Tenenbaum's two classroom presentations for a briefing on everything from video flight planning to camera tips!


March 11, 2014: FAA Certification Project opened for Composite Aircraft! A project has been opened to certify mounting the Eagle360 on composite construction aircraft, like Cirrus, Diamond, Liberty and Grob. We cannot guess when this approval will be granted, but the engineering is underway!

Feb. 27, 2014:

Downward Facing Camera Mod Approved!

We have received approval to convert the center bay of the Eagle360 into a 5th camera position. It is available as a $120 option when ordering your system, or as an upgrade to your existing pod. If you need a straight-down view of what you fly over, now you can get it! Check out the sample video, especially the resolution during pauses!


Feb. 27, 2014: Cable groove mod approved! The design change to create a cable channel from the 4 cheek compartments to the center compartment has been approved. This will allow us to offer extended life battery packs and remote control capabilities! This mod can be retrofitted to existing Eagle360's, and will be a standard feature of any new shipments.

Nov. 1, 2013: 4 New Airframes Approved! The FAA has approved our request to add 4 new airframes to our AML. The Eagle360 is now approved for T6/SNJ trainers, Cessna Mustang jets, Piper PA-23 Aztecs, and Globe Swift aircraft.

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