GeoRef: Synched Video & Map Viewer

Video+Map= Instant, Easy Presentations!

If you need to shoot and present video of a flight over a powerline, pipeline, river or conservation area or scenic area, a vehicle route, bike path, or hiking path, you know how huge video files are, and how painful it is keeping the many files straight, and how difficult putting together a presentation can be. It can take hours of editing, and even then showing the video and indicating the location at the same time can be very hard.

GeoRef solves that problem. 

 GeoRef lets you easily merge video files with a GPS track of the route (a sub $5 Android or iPhone app will do it!) on your Windows PC, and puts it together into a fully interactive presentation viewed on a web browser on a Mac or PC*. You and your customers can drop a map pointer anywhere on the route and instantly be seeing the video shot at that point, or they can scrub a bar below their video and the map pointer moves to the location corresponding to that instant of the video. If you are shooting video from multiple cameras at once (front, back, left, right and down views from your Eagle360 for example), GeoRef lets you click on which camera you want to see the video from. The map view can be zoomed in, or switched to a satellite view as desired, and the video can grow to full screen with a single click. It also displays time, latitude and longitude, speed, heading and altitude at the same time.

Plus, GeoRef gives you a folder you can copy to a memory stick, or put on a web server, and freely distribute to others.

Now version 1.1.3: includes showing which parts of a flight track you have video for (red sections in map above), and selectable speed units!


Only $99.00! 

Check it out: go to and drag the map pointer yourself to just under the "P" in Provincetown on the right side of the map. Then check out the view from each of the 4 available cameras, and try the full screen display (available when you mouse over the map). Note this is a subsampled view for smooth play over the Internet, and takes a few seconds to switch cameras: your local video will be even sharper!



* GeoRef runs only on a Windows PC, but the folder it produces can be used on Macs or PCs (not yet tested on iOS and Android)!

* The GeoRef folder of your flight can be viewed on browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or higher, and Safari (not Firefox or Mozilla at this time)

* Map display requires Internet connection, not available offline

* Engineered for use with GoPro camera video files, and similar HTML5-compatible formats 


Fulfillment: you will receive an email with your software, illustrated manual, and your personal license code within 24 hours of your order