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Eagle360 mounted on an aircraft

GoPro + Your Aircraft= Stunning Video

Eagle360 is a belly mounted aircraft pod that holds up to 5 GoPro Hero4, Hero3+, or Hero3 cameras, and comes with a FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that covers 56 aircraft types: now you can affordably shoot terrific, safe, vibration-free commercial quality video!!

News: Check out the Greenland Icecap, the LD power packs and 5 bay version , the newly revised GeoRef Software is shipping, the Composite Aircraft STC Project(Cirrus/Diamond/Liberty etc) is finally at the top of the FAA stack, and we were granted a US Patent. To be sure you get all our news first, send your email and aircraft type to info@airbornesensor.com

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You love flying. You look around the nose cowl, or the wing, or the engine nacelles, or the gear, and you catch glimpses of amazing sights (when you aren’t heads-down on instruments, looking for traffic, checking weather, or making sure your passengers are OK). You miss a lot.

Eagle360 will capture those moments for you with incredibly sharp, clear images you can have forever.

And all you have to do is fly.